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Interior Design Approach , where the focus from the designer's way of thinking to analyze . Indoor environment "in "and connected to the indoor environment and the other indoor environment, outdoor environment as well as building the " outside " , they share a close relationship of interdependence , the design needs from the inside , from outside to inside Repeatedly coordination, to ensure more perfect and reasonable. Indoor environmental needs and the nature of The overall architecture , standards, style, the harmonization with the outdoor environment . The big picture, that is, as described in the first chapter , interior design ( interior design ) should consider a few fundamental points. Thus, in the design thinking and design point to higher start , there is a global design concept. Refers to the specific details At the start when designing must be based on the use of nature indoors , in-depth investigations, gather information, acquire the necessary information and data , from the most basic human scale , people flow lines, the scope of activities and features , furniture and equipment Such as the size and use of the space they need to proceed .

Office Design Before the best and designers about to meet in the decoration of the office to let him take a look at office buildings, contribute to the practical problem of communication on the scene . Designers met with the office to clear all the issues listed in order of priority and decide , in case you forgot , and also to ensure that important issues can be resolved. First meeting on the proposed office building designer paint or fabric swatches to take samples directly to the scene to compare , so the effects colors more clearly , after all, involves the color preferences to your favorite Caixing. Interior designers to communicate , to ask what the project must be done , what projects they can save money ? interior design, interior design Teachers can help you set priorities , if the budget is not enough time , but also more know how to distribute the budget.

Work into the occasion of a company , understand that the salary may not be good or bad , but the office space for the job you feel , this is not necessarily a feng shui problem, but a personal visual experience. Office of the design plan to partition large and small to OA office furniture furnishings , a good planning can make them hard-working employees feel very comfortable . Industry specializing in surgery , so in general in the enterprise , most of your professional Office design Master planning.

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professional Office design

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This article was published on 2010/10/05