Productivity in the Workplace

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Different personalities end up with a range of management techniques and practices. These include: the contingency theory, where manages will use the current information to base their decisions. Action with this theory is proactive rather than reactive. The systems theory allows managers to put their own systems in place, and have their workers operate the system. The chaos theory recognizes that change is constant and the only way to deal with the uncontrolled world of business developments is to be already in the zone. Theory X and Theory Y take into account different workers attitudes, values and beliefs.

All of these theories and different styles of management are used across a range of industries to try and extract the most out of the workplace. However, the maximum levels of productivity will never be reached without the proper equipment. Office furniture has become an important part of workplaces. Not just the workstation and the chair, but also filing cabinets, shelves, desks and partitions. 

The perfect office environment is one that allows the worker to feel the most comfortable and relaxed but also encouraging productivity. The office chair is of particular importance. Factors such as firmness, adjustability, tilt and support all play significant roles in defining the perfect office chair.

A comfortable workplace plays a significant role in how eventually successful it is. Comfortable workers are generally happy workers and a happy environment will always lead to increased productivity. There’s no question that managers will always want the maximum levels of productivity from their workers, so there’s no reason not to provide the best furniture. Something as simple as an improved desk or a nicer desk can create huge gains in productivity levels. Hume nature dictates that we are the most productive when we are the most happy and comfortable.

It’s worth considering just how long office workers spend at their desk and in their chair. A significant portion of their working lives will be spent sitting at their desk. This makes the need for the best office furniture critical. Appropriate back support is imperative when picking an office chair and workers health and safety should never be compromised. 


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Productivity in the Workplace

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Productivity in the Workplace

This article was published on 2013/07/18