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If you are setting up a business or have a business in London, it is more than likely that you have an office or are planning on getting an office. If you employ a team of staff then you will know that keeping staff happy is very important and happy staff equals good work force. Therefore, work gets carried out efficiently and effectively and you ultimately run a more successful business.  The décor of the office adds to workforce productivity, for example comfortable seating, good lighting and bright colours make all the difference.

Office seating is vital, especially if your staff are sitting down for the most part of the day. If your seating is not ergonomically designed, or made for comfort then it is more than likely that it could greatly affect the way your staff work.  100 people who work in London were asked about the office seating at their place of work. 84% of them said that uncomfortable chairs make them less likely to want to sit and work. Therefore seats that are unsuitable, cause staff to get up and do other things around the office, other than sit and work. This is indicative of the notion that office seating is a major factor in the productivity of an office workforce.

Therefore it is very important when it comes to choosing office seating. There are a plethora of office seating companies in London, however not all stores sell the best of quality when it comes to office furniture. When you are buying furniture for the office, you don't have to spend a fortune if your budget does not allow for that. However you must look at how comfortable the seating is, you must also pay attention to how much back support they have. Back support is very important, because if you sit down for long periods of time, it can really affect your back, and can cause muscle strain and general back problems that could cause problems later on in life. Therefore make sure that the office seats are comfortable and that they adequately support the back.

Office seating is not just for the staff however, you must also consider visitors when they come into the office. Your reception area should have comfortable seating, and should be inviting. Depending on what business you are operating, if you are running a business in the heart of London, then you will probably need to look for something that is high end and modern as well as inviting. If your budget does not allow for a high end piece, then you could consider going for something that is less expensive but that looks simple and tasteful.

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Office seating London

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This article was published on 2010/10/15