Improve Your Work with a Garden Office

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A lot of people telecommute or work from home nowadays, especially since the Internet has made it easier for everyone to connect to other people even in the farthest corners of the world. But whilst it's easy to just allocate a small space in your home as a work area, why not consider putting up a garden office instead? A well-designed garden office can help you become more creative, productive and healthier, as well. Here are just some of the ways how a garden office can greatly improve your work.


1. You have less distractions. How many times have you had to answer phones in the middle of writing an important presentation? How many times were you distracted by your kids during work? Well, with your own office set up outside of your main home, you can enjoy distraction-free working hours any time of the day (or night). You can even put up a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door to let family or friends know that you are in the middle of something important.


2. You can be inspired by nature. Having your own garden room or office in your own backyard is like having your own small piece of paradise. To be inspired by colourful flowers or verdant plants, all you have to do is to look out the window. Install a birdbath in your garden as well, so that you can also take inspiration from your feathered friends playing in the water.


3. You can beat stress with a garden or green office. Several psychological researchers revealed that the presence of plants could help beat stress. Plants can help reduce tension, headaches and fatigue. If you're getting frustrated from your work, all you have to do is step out of your office and enjoy the positive effects of nature!


4. You instantly get your own meeting place for clients. It's important to exude an air of professionalism, even if you work from home. With your own garden room, you don't have to get stressed trying to fix your home each time your clients come to visit. Your own separate office can provide you and your clients with a comfortable and professional environment for meetings and talks.


5. You also get an extra room for guests or relatives who stay over. Your own separate office doesn't have to just be an office 24/7. You can transform this into an extra guest room or guesthouse when friends and relatives come to visit. It can also be a fun place for sleepovers for your kids and their friends.

Make working at home easier, more practical and less stressful by building your own garden office. With privacy, space and nature just outside your window, you'll find that you're more creative, less stressed and even more productive. There's nothing more convenient for freelancers, work-at-home moms or telecommuters than a garden office.


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Improve Your Work with a Garden Office

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This article was published on 2011/01/05