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Highly functional area of the office, the pantry area is extremely important and crucial. Whether it is about getting hot and cold beverages, snacks, lunch boxes, or even a glass of water, the most appealing feature of an office pantry is its cleanliness and sturdiness. Therefore, it is highly important for the office pantry to be clean and spacious and at the same time up-to-date with the latest furniture and electronics. In this article, we will tell you about a few office pantry essentials.

Cleanliness tops the list: Where there is food, there is the need for cleanliness. People today are increasingly becoming conscious about the surroundings and environment and everyone prefers to breathe and eat in a space that is clean and hygienic. Therefore, for a pantry to be clean and hygienic is much more than just a pre-requisite.

We suggest you use cook tops and countertops made of compact grade laminate for your office pantry. The advantage of using compact grade laminate countertops is that these are water resistant and have a unique germ-free feature that makes them suitable for usage around the kitchen and pantry area.

Strength and durability equally matter: Especially to rest electronics like a microwave, coffee machine, mini refrigerator etc. which are basic cooking essentials. Sometimes the weight and pressure that these electronic items put on the worktops make the surface blotchy and leave them with ugly cracks.

Therefore, we suggest you go for pantry worktops made of composite laminate. The advantage of using composite laminate over other things is that these are manufactured in such a way that they have the ability to bear extreme pressure without leaving any ugly cracks or blemishes on the surface. Therefore, your pantry furniture will last for a longer time than usual and display strength.

Promoting green air: There is no second thought about the fact that if the overall surrounding is green and fresh it will invariably affect the people around in a positive manner. Therefore, to promote cleanliness and green energy in the pantry area, it is important to go deeper into the concept of cleaning.

Eco friendly laminates are the revolutionary invention in this arena. It is tested and proved that eco friendly laminates emit less noxious chemicals and gases into the surroundings compared to any other form of furniture item. Therefore, if use eco friendly laminate coating on the office pantry furniture, you will surely add toward reducing carbon footprints.

With these simple tips, you can make your office pantry cleaner and tidier. For more on office renovation, stay tuned to this space.

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How to do up your office – pantry

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How to do up your office – pantry

This article was published on 2012/01/28