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If you're interested in being environmentally friendly, the first place to start is with your own life. Within that, an excellent starting point is your trash can. After all, the average person generates 4.5lbs of trash per day. If you can make this process a little greener, you'll be doing the environment a big favour.

One way of doing so is to invest in a small Basket trashcan for your kitchen. This is the definition of a baby step, but its overall effect is profound. The only difference between this trashcan and a standard one is that it has loops on its edges. This means that, rather than buy bin liners, you can easily re-use your plastic bags from the grocery store, which cuts your plastic bag waste in half and saves you money.

An option for your office is the Uncommon Goods degradable trashcan. This is a trashcan for your office, so it's not designed for chunks of meat, lemon rinds, or other such organic goods. Rather, it's a tiny trashcan for your pencil shavings and balled-up pieces of paper. What makes it green is the fact that it's made from scrap metal from landfills. This reduces its carbon footprint. It's pretty cute and strong, too.

The Umbra Mezzo is another good option for your office. It's not made from recycled materials, but it is made from biodegradable materials, so while beginning of its life isn't very green, the end of its life promises to be.

The Terracycle is similar to the Uncommon Goods variety, but it is made from crushed-down fax machines and other office supplies rather than scrap metal.

All in all, your waste disposal is a great place to start revamping your life towards a greener future. Green wastebaskets are stylish and trendy; what's more, they tend to be very cheap. Really, there's no reason to say no.

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Green Trash Cans

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This article was published on 2010/03/27