Four Interior Design Tips For Your Chicago Office Building

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A major part of demonstrating the success of your business is making a good impression on clients with your office. Typically, the style of design depends on the type of business you are and implied creativity within the industry.

Particularly useful for various companies based in Chicago as it can exhibit creative flair with little effort. Consider adding a number of useful facilities to an Chicago office as this can help to add extra flourish to the office, as well as helping to motivate employees and increasing the monetary value of the business.

However, an array of Chicago based businesses have already realised the benefits of this, so it may be quite difficult to demonstrate a unique style unlike any others. As result, Office Suites has come up with top tips to help with getting the most out of your Chicago office design - both monetarily and stylistically.

1. Wireless internet (free/password offered in office): It is commonplace for every company to use the internet in some way today; however there still remain a large number of Chicago companies that use cable connections as opposed to Wi-Fi. Whilst this might seem safer than wireless, it won't impress clients that much - especially as a great deal of them will own smartphones or mobile devices that connect to the internet, usually enabled for wireless.

Whilst it might not seem a lot, most clients would be impressed and grateful to have the chance to surf the internet whilst in your office - however it is essential to password-protect an unprotected network as this could be leeched off by others, but it will show dedication and a good service by offering passwords to clients. This will allow them to check any e-mails or online software, potentially speeding up the process of securing their business, thereby benefiting your company significantly.

2. Art and sculptures: Chicago office space surrounded by bare walling can be brightened up considerably by some simple decorations. Typically, the style of art you choose to put up depends on the field of work you are in - creative agencies might use pop-art, however Chicago is the location of key design companies that are experts at designing Chicago office space. In fact, quite a lot of Chicago cubicle space from Office Suites has had their interiors fully designed by leading Chicago tradesmen and designers.

3. Use of company motifs: You've already got the clients in your buildings so why continue to advertise or reiterate the company name? Repetition is fantastic way to create a memorable name and distinctiveness will be instantly increased with intelligent design of a themed office. This can be seen in many successful offices, such as Twitter, who use the design of their website as the basis of their office colour scheme. It could also be beneficial to stick newspaper clippings or reviews on the walls, as this can help to boost employee morale and demonstrate positive efforts of the company.

4. Open plan layout office: A fantastic way to impress clients, an open plan office is the ideal way to show company confidence, as well as put office space to good use and encourage staff interaction. This is of particular benefit for SMEs as the dispersion of staff around the office hides any inexperience and is advantageous, as this shows forward-thinking and confidence. It can also demonstrate a creative flair, adaptability and a flexible nature - which are all key to the success and continued growth of a business.

It is you and your company's decision to design your Chicago office in the most beneficial way, ensuring to stick to a firm budget. These are some straightforward recommendations to consider and will help to maximise the potential of your business.
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Four Interior Design Tips For Your Chicago Office Building

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This article was published on 2011/01/17