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Protection: When working on interior projects especially, protecting the clients property is of upmost importance before paint work begins.  Clients are always happier when they feel their possessions are being well looked after. This factor is important when it comes to client satisfaction and whether the client will use you again for future painting work. 

No two jobs are the same, however the principels are. On residential properties, the flooring, whether this is carpet, tiles, wood etc should always be well protected with a double layer of dust sheet, whilst furniture should be covered with plastic sheeting. This ensures no paint flicks will have to be cleaned.  Prevention of this this is always better than cleaning afterwards.

For commercial office refurbishments often the building will have been stripped out leaving only the underlay and no furniture, meaning that protection is often not needed.  This although is not an excuse to be sloppy! Often cordex on commercial projects is provided by the office fit-out company to protect the flooring if there is a need to.  Although, always be prepared with dust sheets if you find you need them. 

Office 'freshen up's' take place at night where office equipment is being used throughout the day, while the office is being decorated overnight. It is very important that the office equipment is well protected to ensure that no equipment is damaged.  

Preparation: Good preparation is the key to achieving a good and long lasting finish. Providing a customer with a lasting job, will increase your credibility as a tradesmen often leading to you gaining more work though recommendation and any future painting work. 

All surfaces need to be rubbed down well and filled with the correct fillers. Talk to your local supplier about which fillers to use on the right surfaces.  All filler must be rubbed down flat, leaving the surface smooth and flat. Providing a surface which is paintable.  

When preparation is done well, the painting is much easier to complete, allowing the painter to achieve clean lines and a sharp overall appearance. 

Priming the surface is also extremely important to provide a long lasting finish. All bare timber should be primed with the appropriate primer to ensure the top coat provides a solid appearance. 

Painting: After thorough preparation to all surfaces, painting is ready to start. Often the painting stage starts too early among inexperienced painters, providing an unprofessional finish which simply will not last. 

For large wall areas the surface will be painted with a roller ensuring a finish is flat and not an 'orange peel' effect is extremely undesirable! The key do doing this is to make sure there is not an excess of paint on the wall. The corners and edges will painted with a professional grade paint brush. Often a 'Purdy' brand.  This always ensures a flat finish enabling the painter to cut clean and sharp lines to the wall giving the job a sharp and professional finish.

By applying these principals whether you are working on a residential property, or a commercial office paint job, the finish will be to a superb standard.  This ensures clients will be happy and you will have a fantastic reputation in the industry.

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This article was published on 2011/10/29