China's Big 4 Movies In December

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A "fierce battle" is taking place in cinemas across China in December as four homegrown movies, directed by the china's most bankable directors, are competing with each other to become the biggest box office hit.

Two of the four movies, have seen box office receipts exceeding 100 million yuan in just one week after their debuts,their names are "Sacrifice" and "Just Call Me Nobody".

The other two, "Let the Bullets Fly", released on December 16th, and "If You Are the One 2", which is slated to hit Chinese cinemas next Wednesday December 22nd, are also expected to do well at the box office.

We often called the time that the movies which are shown on December New Year blockbusters.And December is usually a popular movie-going season in China, but the last month of this year is surprisingly lively.

The Chinese box office surged 43% year on year to 6 billion yuan in 2009, according to a report released in February by a domestic film industry consulting company.

The report showed that the final year-end box-office take is expected to top 10 billion yuan, and by the end of 2012 the Chinese box office is likely to hit 20 billion yuan.

The country's movies are developing quite fast after China joined the World Trade Organization in the year of 2001.

In addition to blockbusters, low-budget movies also fared well. A black comedy film,Ning Hao's "Crazy Stone", was immensely popular in 2006, earning 6 million yuan in its first week after its release and more than 23 million yuan in total box office, despite its low budget of 2.72 million yuan and cast of unknowns.

Han Sanping, chairman of the China Film Group Corp., said the number of Chinese moviegoers is much smaller compared with that in developed countries.

"The majority of moviegoers are affluent urbanites, and they are willing to pay for tickets that are not cheap. But for 900 million rural residents, going to the movie still looks implausibly ambitious," he said, adding that the country should ramp up cinema construction to draw more audiences to screenings.

In my opinion, recent years , people are living happily .And they have much spare time to enjoy ,for example , watching a movie . And now the foreign movie is also quite welcome by Chinese , but the country's movie is also quite popular. The famouse directors , Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige , Feng Xiaogang etc.They are always giving us wonderful movies . So we should support the country'movie , I think made in China is the best.
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China's Big 4 Movies In December

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This article was published on 2010/12/21